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Energy Audit

Energy Audit is a process of identifying the areas of energy wastage and increase savings on energy costs by improving the energy efficiency of the operations. The Energy Audit Report reflects the practical as well as techno-feasible recommendations for improving the energy efficiency, cost-benefit analysis, payback period, savings, investments etc. Energy audit plays a key role in the area of Energy Management in any industry, buildings, commercial complexes, hospitals, dairy etc. which has huge energy consumption.

I S Associates provides following services:

  • Detailed energy audit for energy saving
  • Quantify energy consumption and establish base line energy information
  • Construct energy and material balance
  • Perform efficiency evaluation of energy & utility systems
  • Compare energy norms with existing energy consumption levels
  • Identify and prioritization of energy saving measures
  • Analysis of technical and financial feasibility of energy saving measures
  • Recommend energy efficient technologies and alternate energy sources
  • Report writing, presentation and follow up for implementation
  • Establish energy consumption in the organization
  • Estimate the scope for saving
  • Identify the most likely (and the easiest areas for attention)
  • Identify immediate (especially no-cost/low-cost) improvements/ savings
  • Set a 'reference point'
  • Identify areas for more detailed study/measurement
  • Preliminary energy audit uses existing, or easily obtained data
  • Follow up / trouble shooting / monitoring services
  • Detailed project report and arrangement of finance for capital intensive projects for energy saving
  • Implementation of energy saving projects based upon % of saving achieved
  • Training programme for staff and operators - reduction in maintenance cost